There's a new cat coin on the block

Decentralised Solana-chain meme token celebrating sad cats.

decentralised meme token

A Solana-chain meme token that celebrates sad cats

Join the meme-token mania by supporting the fastest growing Solana cat token.

  • Real community supporting $CRYY on Twitter, Discord, Telegram.
  • Auto-staking earn rewards for holding more than 1 million $CRYY.
  • Solid governance: community has influence over project direction.
  • Charity: 10% of $CRYY is locked for purely charitable purposes.
  • NFTs: collect unique sad-cat themed non-fungible tokens!

About Cry Coin ($CRYY)

Cry Coin is all about sad cats ;__;

Everyone appreciates sad cat memes, now you can own a token that demonstrates it.

  • Deflationary token with frequent burns.
  • Numerous airdrops, quiz competitions, and other fun!
  • Rewards for loyal holders.

Coming Soon

Upcoming features

Cry Casino
Cry Ecosystem
Meme exchange

long way ;__;


September 2021

Idea conceived and development team formed.

November 2021

Registered on Solana chain and distributed dev tokens.

1st December 2021

Launched social media campaign.

14th December 2021

First burn, removing 200 million $CRYY (2%) from circulation.

January 2022


February 2022

CRYY on Sol Casino

March 2022

CMC listing!!! 800 million $CRYY burned!

April 2022

Magic Eden listing of Sad Cat Tarot NFTs!!!

Meme exchange

Decentralised Solana exchange for speculating on memes.

Swap $CRYY and more!

Cry Coin

Planned Features


Swap $CRYY on our dedicated site.

Meme Exchange

Speculate on up and coming memes!

Our data

Token Distribution

Token Distribution
Allocation of funds

Original total token supply - 10 000 000 000

  • 39.7% In circulation
  • 6.3% Founders and Team
  • 30% Locked
  • 10% Charity (locked)
  • 4.04% Marketing and airdrops
  • 10% Burned


Frequency Asked Questions

  • What are sad cats?

    Sad cats are a meme depicting real cats with photoshopped sad eyes. They are hilarious and must be treasured.

  • Can I get OG?


  • Where can I buy $CRYY?

    $CRYY can be bought on Dexlab under CRYY/USDC in the Extra's tab. We are also available on numerous crypto swap sites such as Aldrin Dex, Kitty Dex, Prism, Jupiter, and Raydium.

  • Are you listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap?

    We are listed on both!

  • Where can I get more information?

    The best places to follow us are on Twitter and Discord.

  • Do you support staking?

    We are about to release the beta version of our automatic staking system, where holders of $CRYY are rewarded. Currently our users earn weekly rewards for holding more than 1 million $CRYY, and larger rewards for contributing to our Liquidity Program.

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